Heavy Duty/Heavy Carpet Tiles vs Contract Carpet Tiles

Heavy Duty/Heavy Carpet Tiles vs Contract Carpet Tiles

Heavy Duty/Heavy Contract Use carpet tiles are designed for commercial high traffic areas and are typically a much more substantial product. 

Contract use carpet tiles are designed for moderate traffic areas, a commercial product that can be used in domestic situations. Manufacturer Data Sheets for the carpet tiles are available upon request. These provide details of all the compliance tests performed and the outcomes e.g. for fire resistance, castor chair proof, weight of pile, etc..


What are the benefits of fitting carpet tiles?


Carpet tiles can be laid in all areas of the home or workplace and they’re ideal for awkward-shaped rooms as you buy for the area, not the width of the carpet roll. They’re much easier for you to transport and handle than a carpet roll, and you don’t need underlay. They’re easy to fit because they can be put down without the need for emptying the whole room and loose-laying also means that individual carpet tiles can be removed for cleaning. There are over 100 different options of colour and texture.